Testimonials from satisfied Cornerstone Childcare Parents:

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Cornerstone Christian Childcare Center
"We are beyond blessed to have our child attend Cornerstone Christian Childcare. Everyone that works there is great.  They are all friendly, trusting, and take great care of our child.  We could not be any happier with the care our child recieves." Jessica R

"My first experience with leaving an infant at daycare was with my third, and final, blessing. At 6 weeks old I entrusted one of the most important things in my life to Cornerstone; not just her physical well being but a significant part of her emotional and spiritual growth as well. It was difficult for me to leave her, but at no moment was it because I felt that she would not receive the love and tenderness that I would give her myself. As a working mother, I could not have done all the things that God has called me to do without the support and love that Cornerstone has provided to my children. I am grateful everyday for their presence in the lives of my family." Denise C

"I would have to say that before Cornerstone, I have never left my son with anyone in his 4.5 years of life. The caregivers are amazing and have helped me to trust that my child can be safe even when I'm not there. They were very understanding about how new this was to both me and my son and have done a wonderful job. I am so thankful to have found them right when I needed them. Thank you all."  Lorena C

"I believe that Robin is a wonderful director for Cornerstone Childcare. She is a very caring person who works well with the children. My children love Robin and love coming to daycare.... As a parent, I know that she will always listen to any suggestions and/or concerns that I may have and act on them. I feel very comfortable leaving my children under her care...." M.C.